Maximize your small office workspace

Having a small office cubicle is one part efficient and one part suffocating. It can be a convenient idea for both large and small companies but also limiting at the same time. So little space, so many piles of work, office folders in boxes and the likes.

Your office cubicle may vary in size, shape and other aspects of it however, you’ll still face the same dilemma once you’re tucked in your private nook: How am I supposed to design, decorate and organize in this small cubicle?

In simpler words, how are you supposed to feel a sense of home in your office? Your comfort and convenience are vital whenever you work so feeling at home in your tiny office jail is important. It can also somehow reduce stress in your surroundings.

Organization is key: Before you put on and put away anything, start by sorting out what should go and should be kept. You can’t start bringing new storage boxes and just put anything in it. You have to think which ones go in there and which ones need to stay on your desk.

Picture frame seems to be blocking a tiny functional space? Take the photo out and find somewhere else to pin it suchlike your inspiration/bulletin/peg board. Got a bunch of pens you rarely even use? Take the black, red and blue one, only those. Can’t find a decent space to place your plant? See which items on your desk you can store in your drawer to make space for your stress-relieving green friend.

Maximize your walls: Your walls or dividers per se should be your best friend. Especially when you have a really tiny cubicle that can only fit your computer on the desk and a storage cabinet down below.

Your walls are the best space you have in your situation and ignoring the wide space it offers is a big no-no. Hang your inspiration board over there and as mentioned previously; instead of putting your picture in a picture frame and place it on your desk, you could just pin that photo in the inspiration board along with your reminders, notes, to-do list and motivational mini posters.

Brighten up your space:  You may not notice it but lights have a huge effect on our productivity. When the lights are dimmer than normally, it decreases your productivity level. If you can, let natural light travel your office space to increase the positive atmosphere around your office.

Aside from the wonderful advantage of lighting, brightening up your space in terms of painting or covering your walls in a more lighter and neutral color can be a big change. A brighter desk makes the clutter seem unsightly and the mess less visible. Plus, it’s a good sight especially if you’re feeling bored.

Put your most-used items near you: Keeping your phone, keys, pen, wallet, notepad and the likes within your arm’s reach is not only practical but convenient as well. It is essential to keep everything within your reach to save time.

If you’re not comfortable putting your ‘pocket’ stuff above your desk for everyone to see, you can choose a designated drawer to keep your valuables in your whenever you leave your desk for security. You no longer have to ramble through your pile of stuff over your desk to find your keys if you choose to get organized today.

Keep it clutter-free: This is the most important of all. Regardless of how big or small your space is, if it’s full of mess and clutter, it will still look as if there’s no much functional space left to utilize.

This can make a huge difference especially for those who lacks in extra space. Put away all your unnecessary accessories and only keep what you need. If you brought your books for the sole purpose of decoration and design, skip it and take it back home. Constantly clean your desk once you arrive and before your leave your office. Also, you got too many hardcopies sitting in your desk? Shred those you no longer need because chances are, you have enough scratch papers already.

Do you have any other ideas and suggestions you think would help other fellows who are designated in small office cubicle spaces? Don’t hesitate to share it with us! Comment below.

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