Ingenious Tips for Saving Money on Your House Moving

Whether you are moving to a new area or to an altogether new country, you can save much more money on your removal than you think. If you take proper steps, you can not only save money, but also stress and time. The key here is to be well organized before you move and throughout the move and think positive. Here are some ways with which you can cut the costs on your move.

1. The Lighter, the Cheaper
Moving companies charge according to the weight of your luggage and the number of vehicles needed to provide you. Therefore you can understand that the lighter your luggage is, the cheaper will be your move. So, this is a great time for getting rid of unused items. Discarding the rarely used objects is always advisable whether you are moving on your own or hiring a full-service mover, because in either case, you are saving because you have less to carry.

2. Earn Tax Deduction and Get More Money
If you donate some unwanted items, you can save more money by getting tax deduction. Enquire with your tax consultant about the latest charitable tax deductions as they may keep changing. So, take care of not moving something that you will never use again.

3. Get Boxes for Free
Though cardboard boxes have become obsolete now, there is no reason for not using them, if you are getting them free! If you already know that you would move, start saving these boxes instead of having to purchase them while moving. Also, if you explore businesses near you like grocery shops, drug stores, liquor shops, etc, you can get a lot of boxes from them. Some local removal companies might offer free boxes, padding, wraps, check out this kind of offer on their websites.

4. Do it Yourself
Pack your items yourself rather than paying your mover to do that. This is one of the best ways to save money. However, you have to be extremely careful and pack things correctly so as to avoid any damage. Use thick blankets, towels, old newspapers etc to pack glass items. This will save your money on bubble wraps.
5. Unpack Carefully
If you make haste while unpacking items yourself at your new home, you may be at loss instead of saving money. Therefore, unpack things very carefully. The other side of this is you cannot hold your mover responsible if a thing is damaged which they didn’t pack.

6. Choose an Off Season to Move
You can also save money by moving in off season. In general, people prefer moving in summer months because school going children in the family are on summer holidays. But even in these months, you can get the best rates. But you have better chances to get far greater savings by moving during off season.

7. Choose a Transport-only Moving Company
If you are a kind of a person who hate driving but want to save money too by not hiring a moving company, you can choose to hire a moving company that provides a transport-only service. Some moving companies also drop a container at your home and let you fill it with your luggage for many days or weeks.
After the container is full and you are ready to move, the company will drive the container to your new place. After reaching the new place, again it’s your responsibility to unpack your luggage and return the container to the moving company.

8. Invite Quotes
Don’t hire the first mover you meet with. Instead invite quotes and you will find a lot of difference between different moving companies. Once you get the quotes, compare them on the basis of price and services you will be getting. Also check the reputation of the company.

Author’s Bio: Bill Chen has run a local removalist in Inner West Sydney successfully for past many years. He is a graduate from the University of Sydney majoring in Business Administration. He is an excellent blogger too, creating content for his own website and for many others in the industry.