How to do a Proper Plumbing Inspection before Buying a New Home

It is finally time to buy a new home, but beforehand you will have to do thorough research and find out if your new home has any flaws you should be aware of. Buying a new home is a big commitment and you do not wish to rush into what seems like a great deal just to spend more later on. That is why it is important to check out all the installations in your soon to be home.

You can hire experts to give you an estimate and to do the checkup for you; however, if you truly wish to be sure of what you are buying, perhaps it is best if you do your own inspection as well. After all, you want your home to feel safe and great.

Searching for lead

Although lead is a handy and sturdy metal, you do not want your pipes to be lead because it is a known fact that they are poisonous and if possible avoid them at all costs, especially if you have children. Even though if the house you want to buy has lead pipes, you should not immediately look for another because it is possible to change the pipe system, but find out beforehand how much it would cost.

On the other hand, if you want to be eco-friendly try to look for pipes from sustainable materials, not only are they good for the environment but they are cheaper and easier to maintain and replace.

Finding the shut off valve

When you conclude that the plumbing is functional it is time to check for leakage and any damages that might have happened over time. First off, find the shut off valve to make sure that you can turn off water if anything serious happens. Secondly, when you do shut the water off, it is time to check the pipes if there are any leaks or if any needs replacement.

Water heating

The water boiler is most of the times the most problematic and most expensive unit to take care of. If the boiler is old and in poor condition it might be time to replace it, and as long as you are planning on buying a new home you deserve a decent water boiler at least.

On the other hand, replacing an old water boiler might be a good incentive to invest into tankless water heaters, which might be a good idea because they are more efficient and can save you money and energy.

Get rid of the smell 
One serious business you have to look into before making sure that the new house is suitable for you and your family is the sewage system and if it has a septic tank.
Fixing sewage problems and unclogging blocked drains is a necessity and can be expensive. It is important to make sure that you have a proper system that can take care of it before you have to smell the problems. If your house has a septic tank, make sure that it is properly taken care of and emptied regularly so that you do not have to fight bad odors.

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