How to Choose the Perfect Lighting Scheme for You House

To have a convivial house, the perfect lighting of every room is needed. Have you ever been in a house were you felt yourself so comfortable with no particular reason? That must have been because of the lighting style. It has an important role in decorating the house but also in making an interior warm and cheerful.

Choose Multiple Sources of light

First of all, the choice of the light depends on the many things. For example, a bright light is not adequate to a romantic dining room while a gloomy atmosphere is not necessary in the living room where you may have to do some tasks and need a clear and precise vision. Anyway, it is never a good idea to have only one light source. You should always vary the degrees of the light by putting, at least, four sources in a room, especially the living room. Thus, every part of the room can be enlightened, may be in different levels, but you will not have a gloomy weird space. The light contrast will also make the room lively and inviting.

Ambient Light, a Quiet and Tender Scheme

Now there are many ways to light up your house according to you taste and personality. For an ambient light, you install fluorescent light bulbs on the ceilings and also add some table and floor lamps to make it perfect. The point is to create a lighting scheme to make all the areas of a room bright enough and pretty dim at the same time to get a calm atmosphere. This is perfect for the lounging. Sometimes, the light source can be one simple lamp hanged on the ceiling but as we said before, it is better to choose multiple lights. Small light like put on the table, on the floor or in many corners of the place can work together to provide an amazing ambient lighting.

Accent Light to Highlight a Special Object

And then, there is the accent light, it is often a secondary light in our house for it only serves to lighten a particular part of a room. This kind of light is always shinier and brighter than the ambient one but it only covers a small space of a room. Most of the time, table and floor lamps are used to have an accent light. Inside a room with an ambient light, you may also have a lamp which highlights a special thing like a painting or whatever. Then, that is what we call an accent light, it focuses on a particular object or space to show their beauty.

Nothing is Better than Natural Light

A light and airy house, everyone wants to live in such place. Natural light is not healthy but it also gives a home an appealing aspect. You can enjoy sun rays while working or staying indoors. It is even proved that people who work in places with natural light are more effective and dynamic. To render the day lighting more interesting, the room should be painted with light colors and the ceiling with a shiny white. You can also choose some reflective objects such as glass, crystal or mirrors to amplify the natural light. And do not forgive to finalize the work by placing peaceful decorative items like Chinese statues on the table or on other furnishings

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