Flip My House: Five Things Potential Buyers Notice First

If you are looking to sell your home in the coming months, now is time to get down to business and start identifying potentially problematic areas on your property. Every single buyer is different, but there are some basic attributes and upgrades most are going to look for in a new home. Sellers who want to get the most out of their property should look at these five specific areas of their home that buyers often notice first.

Storage Space

Storage space is a big seller when it comes to a new home, and buyers want to see if they will have enough room to place their belongings without clutter and overcrowding. A simple way to accomplish this is to clear out a third or half of what is in every closet and put it in a storage rental unit to give off the appearance of excess space. The clothing and other belongings that are left in the storage space should be kept as tidy as possible. If you have boxes of holiday décor, get rid of it first then work on other big pieces of storage you have lying around. It will really clear up quickly when you start from the bottom.

Decorating Potential

One of the most difficult parts for sellers is de-personalizing their home, but buyers want a blank canvas to work with. When a house is cluttered with personal effects and family pictures it can be difficult for buyers to envision themselves there. A few tasteful pictures, matching furniture, and some bright plants will be enough to show most homes and anything more than this will decrease the overall appeal of the property. Keep things sparse and use this time to de-clutter and wrap up all your family portraits.

Energy Efficiency

People on the market for a new home are concerned about monthly energy bills now more than ever. The future of fossil fuels and their overall costs is up to speculation, and this has buyers looking for more efficient homes. This means a change to high-efficiency appliances when possible, installing new home insulation from Toronto, and a well-maintained HVAC system. According to Reitzel Insulation Co Ltd, buyers will generally want a ballpark figure for gas, water, and electricity as well. If you can do one or two of these upgrades you might be looking at a higher sale price.

Bright Lighting

Bright homes are homes that are going to sell quickly, and owners want to bring in as much natural lighting as possible. Any heavy drapes and curtains should be removed completely, and the house should be shown during the day whenever possible. Most experienced realtors make a point to open most or all of the curtains just before a showing to supplement the artificial light.

The Entryway

First impressions are always the most important, and this includes the first impression of a home. The entryway should be welcoming, clean, and free from any belongings on the ground. Few steps will make as big a different as freshly painting, sanding, or weatherproofing the front door, fences, pillars, and windowsills.

Every owner knows that investing in master bedrooms or kitchens will up the value of their home, but these major remodeling projects are not the only options for improving the chance of a quick sale. Some minor alterations and updates can have quite an effect when it comes to a home’s livability and appeal.

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