Six Home Repairs You Will Want To Complete Before Putting Your House On The Market

Home buyers are more educated and particular about what they want in their next home, and few will take on a fixer-upper. Making needed repairs prior to selling your home will make the selling process easier and quicker. Generally the longer the house is on the market, the lower the selling price. Before putting your home on the market, get a home inspection. This will show you any areas of concern, and help you know what to repair before potential buyers view your home. Here are some home repairs many sellers make to get a quick sale.

Roof Repair

A new roof may be expensive, but buyers are leery of investing in a home that needs a roof replacement. Tearing off and replacing your roof will only take a couple of days and will insure the purchasers that their investment is sound. Get this done by a professional to make sure it is done correctly and will last for years to come.

Floors and Carpeting

Buyers prefer hardwood floors. If you have an older home with hardwoods under carpeting, consider tearing out the carpet and refinishing your hardwoods, for a real selling point. If you have carpet that needs replacing, be sure to go with a neutral color, as this will be your best return on investment. Tile floors are popular, but don’t opt for a new ceramic tile floor because of the expense. Be sure to repair or replace any existing tiles that are cracked or chipped, and give the grout a good scrubbing.

Textured Ceilings

Old popcorn ceiling or sprayed, textured ceilings are a definite turn-off for prospective buyers. Removing the popcorn is not expensive, but it is messy and time consuming. Cover your furniture and floors, scrape off the texturing, and repaint. You will get a good return on investment for the effort.

Kitchen Remodel

Kitchens sell houses. However, investing in a high-end, gourmet kitchen is probably overkill. Mid-range kitchen repairs and remodels are the best idea, with a fresh paint job or re-facing on cabinets, new hardware, and good laminate or solid surface counter tops. Matching appliances complete the kitchen.


An organized, clean home will be appealing to a prospective buyer. Pack up large appliances in the kitchen, and put extra toys, off season clothing, and family pictures into storage. Consider renting a storage unit for exercise equipment or large pieces of furniture, so your home will look more spacious. Then give the house a good cleaning, and make your carpets, windows, baseboards, and mirrors sparkle.

Landscaping and Yard

Curb appeal is important. Trim the shrubbery, manicure the lawn, and plant flowers. The fence will look better with a fresh coat of paint, and if you have cracks or broken spots in your concrete driveway or sidewalk, get them patched. You only get one first impression.

Take the time to make your home look as appealing as possible. First time home buyers or busy professionals may not have the knowledge or time for maintenance, and a sound home can lead to a quick sale at a good price. Informational credit to T.  Simpson  Roofing.