Home Maintenance Musts Before Winter

Oh, God, is it just a few months before winter again? It seems like you closed your eyes for a while and then summer suddenly disappeared. Goodbye sunny days, walks in the park, beach time; welcome cold. Now, even though it’s hard for you to accept the fact that summer days are over, you need to adjust to the situation. Moreover, you have to prepare your home for long cold winter months. There are some maintenance musts that every homeowner should take into consideration. So stop grieving for the past and start working.
In the article below we’ve shown a few things to pay attention to before winter has arrived. Take a look.


Okay. This step is a must. You ought to inspect your roof before all the cold and snow arrive. Unless you want to have to deal with leaks and other damage, you need to ensure everything with the roof is tiptop. This time of the year is really not the best of seasons for repairs. Temperatures are low, roads and especially roofs are very slippery and can cause accidents, it’s foggy and dark. To save yourself so much trouble, just carry out a roof check-up during autumn when the weather is still fine.

This is just the right time to inspect your chimney as well. If you can’t do this yourself, call in a specialist. A technicians will always know what to do and what to look for. Summer storms can damage chimneys but you don’t know this until you go up your roof and make an inspection. After all, you need to ensure Santa Claus or Father Christmas a clean and safe chimney to go down to at Christmas Eve.

Peeling paint

Always inspect your house exterior for damage or other troubles such as peeling paint. Paint is not only applied to make a property more attractive, it’s also used to protect the siding of the building. If you notice that some of the paint on your house exterior has started to blister or peel, it’s a sign you should re-paint. If the problem persists you may experience some very expensive repairs in the future. Again, to save yourself the trouble, be sure to take measures now before it’s too late.

Air conditioners

Your air conditioner needs a check-up at least once a year. Since seasons are going to switch, you’re going to need your air conditioner to be working properly unless you want to stay cold during winter. Have your machine inspected by a specialist to ensure that it’s in good working order. Additionally, you can vacuum the external and internal units to remove soil, dust and other particles.


Whereas summer goes by so fast, it seems that winter months are here always. To make sure that your house is safe you also need to check and clean your gutters, City Cleaners N14 suggest. Remove build up and dead leaves, which can clog the downspouts. For smaller items you can use a trowel to help you do the trick. Then using a hose wash out the remaining dirt. It’s easy to clean debris after a few dry days. So before you start this adventure, it’s wide to check the weather forecast. Furthermore, make small gutter repairs if necessary.

Gutters should be cleaned every spring and autumn. Call a professional for help if you’re not comfortable doing this.

We hope this was helpful. Now is the time to go out and inspect your house for damage. If you do this, you’ll spend the next winter days free of stress and hassle.

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