Easy Ways To Give Your Home Character Without Going Overboard

When decorating your home, it can be easy to follow the trends and allow the space to look like every other property on the block. To make the house feel like a home without going overboard, there are a few subtle ways of adding character and making it look unique. To enhance each room and add your personal touch, there are several easy ways to incorporate your personality and taste.

Mix Vintage and Modern Pieces

To create an eclectic look that is original in your home, it’s important to mix both vintage and modern pieces for a high-end level of style. Consider hanging vintage frames on the wall with modern lamps that sit nearby. You don’t have to stick with just one style to get the look you want. Find items that compliment each other to make your home truly yours.

Add Wallpaper

Instead of sticking with taupe walls throughout your home, add wallpaper that displays an oversized print for an incredible way of making the space look unique and bold. Opt for an oversized floral print or consider having fun with large stripes for a contemporary style. You can get a similar look by stenciling patterns on your walls and using different colors of paint.

Remove the Cupboard Doors

Add character to a bathroom or kitchen by removing the cupboard doors for a modern way of showing off decorative towels or dishes that are stored. The style will create an interesting look that doesn’t have to follow the rules of decorating. For a clean, organized look, choose dishes that are all a neutral color like white, and add accent colors with your favorite mugs, vases or mixing bowls.

Install New Door Knobs

An easy upgrade that will add a unique detail to your home is installing new door knobs that enhance the style of your doors. Consider shopping at flea markets for antique finds or adding brass door knobs to create a chic style.

Hang a Chandelier

A trendy and decorative chandelier will work as the focal point of a bedroom or foyer for a great way of enhancing the style of the home and giving it your personal touch. Consider hanging a vintage chandelier in a nursery or perhaps a drum chandelier in the kitchen.

Install a New Front Door

The front door is the first impression that is made with your guests, making it important to choose a style that stands out in the neighborhood, say the experts at Comfort King Windows & Doors Ltd. Opt for colored door for a classic style or find a door with an oversized window to create a contemporary look. A front door can drastically change the look of the home and set the tone for the rest of the house. It’s a quick solution that doesn’t require too much time or money.

When decorating your home, it’s easy to create a unique style that still looks attractive and gorgeous without going overboard. With a few simple touches, you can enjoy spending time in an environment that stays true to your personal taste and reflects your overall style.