Home and Suitable Vaasthu Shaastra Tips

Vaasthu may be little complex or very often Greek and Latin for many of us. Especially, when you fall into the hands of wrong practitioners or fake experts, then it is hard to define, what kind of prey you’re or a victim. In fact, Vaasthus is essential from environment point of view keeping in mind the required light and air movement within your home. Perhaps, some of the non-believers of the vaasthu may consider it for the sake of environment. I am here with presenting important 5 vaasthu essentials for your home below:

•    It is suggested performing Bhumi Pooja before to the home construction as a part of worshipping mother Earth. This will help to turn things into auspicious and translates entire construction into smooth sailing.

•    It is always wise keep your home entrance East direction, which quite auspicious for your home in many ways. It is well known fact that Sun rises in east and being faced to east can attract positive energy into your home along with ample light. Also, it will be further more auspicious, when arranged your home main entrance towards Northeast too.

•    Kitchen is always another important area of every home and tries to locate this kitchen in the South-East direction without fail. Also, keep in mind that this kitchen shouldn’t be located facing to the home main entrance too.

•    Master bed room is another integral part of every home and this room should be located at South West corner for the homes facing the East. Also, South-West is a kind corner that attracts more wind and this is another environmental perspective to locate your master bed room at this corner in order to have ample light and wind into the room.

•    Toilet location is another important aspect that should be considered through vaasthu. This toilet is always ideal to kept at North-West corner of your room, which will be quite aesthetic. There is an alternative to arrange this toilet at South-East corner while first choice is not possible.
There are so many other vaasthu suggestions available to implement, but may not be that easy to translate into reality due to present day situation. Major requirements those are mentioned above will be enough to satiate your home vaasthu. The home with mentioned suggestions can cater well for the good ambiance, health and wealth for the inmates of the home.

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