Make Sure Your Garage Door Provides You With Safety And Security

Having a garage is a great way for people to protect their vehicles from the elements. It also makes it possible for people to get into their vehicle and not be affected by weather until the garage door is opened and they leave. This is also a place that can be a problem when it comes to safety and security. Having a garage door in need of repairs, as well as storing dangerous chemicals products there, can make a garage an unsafe environment as well as a security risk.

Expected Wear

As a garage door ages, it becomes easier to force to open. Experts recommend a garage door be replaced after a minimum of eleven years. This is an effective way to make certain burglars are not able to use an old garage door to gain access to a house. A garage door should also be lubricated frequently. They contain metallic hardware that will rust over time. Regular lubrication is a good way to ensure a garage door keeps operating properly. Garage doors can be upgraded. There are benefits for homeowners to upgrade their garage door. It will enable them to experience all the benefits associated with the latest garage door technology.

Fire Hazard

It’s also possible for a garage to not be compliant with local fire safety rules. People will store everything from gasoline to fertilizer as well as paint thinner and more in their garage. This can cause the garage to become a serious fire hazard. It’s important people identify all of the products in their garage that are flammable. These products need to be moved, in their original containers, to an area that is appropriately ventilated. If these products have to be disposed of it needs to done following the instructions on their product labels. A garage should also have a fire extinguisher in case of an emergency.

Most common fire hazards:

Electrical Hazards – Because it is not uncommon for garages to double as workshops, homeowners often keep power tools, heaters and other electric devices plugged in when they are not in use. When this occurs, it often causes electrical outlets to become overloaded. Power tools should be unplugged when not in use!!!

Chemical Hazards – Garages commonly contain spare paint, oil and gasoline. These agents, especially when stored near direct sunlight and with no ventilation, can be highly combustible.

Flammable liquids should be kept in areas of low heat and away from direct sunlight!!!

Gas-Powered Appliances – Some garages are equipped with gas heaters and water-heating units. Improperly installed heaters can be fire hazards, especially those placed on floors

Vulnerable entryways

Although you’d never leave your home wide open or unlocked, many people aren’t as careful with the garage—even when it’s attached to the house. But police departments across the nation report an increase in “garage hopping” during the warmer months, largely by teens in search of beer to drink or chemicals they can inhale.

If your garage directly connects to your home, secure it as you would any other entrance: with a professionally installed dead bolt.

Carbon Monoxide

When a garage is attached to a home, the fumes from vehicle exhaust can easily build up and make their way into a house. In order to avoid this problem, it is recommended people have carbon monoxide alarms installed on each level of their home. It is very important they be put near places where people sleep. These alarms are designed to detect odorless and colorless carbon monoxide gas. Even if a home has carbon monoxide alarms, it is recommended to avoid letting a vehicle run while inside a garage. This needs to be avoided even if the garage door is open.

Garage Door Problems

There are a number of reasons a garage door may not work. There could be a problem with the transmitter on the wall inside the garage. It’s possible this could be corrected by changing the batteries. If a garage door opens, but won’t close when the remote is pressed, there could be a problem with the photo eye. When they are dirty, it can block the light from the beam. It’s important to not scratch the photo eye when cleaning it. If it still doesn’t work after cleaning, the photo eye, it may not be properly aligned. It’s common for a garage door to be out of proper alignment. This can be a serious issue. When this happens, it could be dangerous to operate the garage door. This is a situation best resolved with a garage door expert. They will know what the manufacturer says is the best way to make necessary repairs and modifications.

It’s important to purchase a garage door from an experienced garage door provider. Homeowners need to take the time necessary to determine what style of garage door, as well as material, would work best for their home. It is often cost-effective to pay for a garage door as well as its installation. This is an effective way to make certain the garage door installation is properly done.

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