How to Leave the Best First Impression When Selling Your House

The psychology behind first impressions is surprisingly simple: when you meet someone for the first time, within fifteen seconds you will know whether you like them or not. Once you get that first impression of someone, it is extremely difficult to change it, and even if you do, that feeling in your gut stays for a long time. The same rule applies for things, not just for people: if your house instantly appeals to someone, it is likely that it will be bought; while bad first impression is almost impossible to change.

Why first impressions are important

You have experienced it before: you don’t like a person the first time you meet them, and afterwards you learn that they are not that bad at all. However, first impression remains with you, and you will never forget how you haven’t liked someone the first time you met them. When you are trying to sell a house, you want people to like it as much as you do, so you should make an effort and make it look good. If they like the way a house looks, people will be more likely to look around and ask questions.

From the first glance…

The moment a person lays their eyes on your home, they should feel drawn to it. Make the exterior look pleasant and inviting: mow up the lawn, take away bikes, toys, and any garbage that might be in your yard, clean the windows and put up some nice curtains. You can see beautiful doors all over Sydney, so drive around to find inspiration and ideas how to make your front door more appealing. They should be beautiful, yet give the air of reliability as well. Finally, add a few details: pretty wreath made of paper or flowers, potted plants on both sides of the door, a plate that says ‘welcome’, and a nice doormat.

Safety first

If there is anything broken, have it fixed; there is nothing more appealing than a safe home where everything works. Fix your lamps and chandeliers, make sure everything is alright with pipes and that there aren’t leaky faucets in the bathroom and kitchen. Wax the woodwork, tighten loose stair banisters and doorknobs, and make sure that shower and tub caulking is spotless. Clean and problem-free home is inviting and attractive, it will make people want to explore it and imagine themselves living there and being its net owners.

Top to bottom tidy

You might forget about attic and basement when you start preparing your home for sale, but if a person really likes your house and is considering to buy it, they will want to see everything, even the most secluded corners of your attic and basement. Make everything look tidy, clean up all spider webs and dust, have new light bulbs placed there so that everything is well-lit, and fix any damages that might be there – floor boards, cracked windows, holes in the walls. By doing all this and connecting with a good agent, you will increase your chances of earning a profit when you sell your home.


Spaciousness is the key, so stuffing your shelves with unnecessary details and cluttering your living room with too much furniture will make people feel claustrophobic. Open the space up, show everyone all that wonderful space they will have when they buy that house. Your family photo albums, favourite blankets, and your grandma’s teapot are all things that make you feel at home, but now is not the time to display them. Make potential buyers want to fill up those shelves with their own books and photographs, make them imagine their own chairs and cushions in the living room, and make them realize how much space for self-expression they will have.

The right amount of furniture

When all that worn-out furniture is removed, and minimalism that is left should be inviting. Declutter and harmonize every room, make sure beds aren’t squeaky, and that armchairs are comfortable. Doors and windows should be clean and safe, and you could even make an effort and replace some of them. When selling your house, you would like other people to see and feel the same things you do; warmth, convenience, and pleasantness surrounding you. You don’t have to leave it empty, but furniture should be reduced to a minimum nevertheless.

While it is difficult to change the first impression, leaving a good impression instead is not hard at all, if you only make a small effort. Professionals from Furniture down under offer a possibility for you to come and ask about the best way to replace your old doors for new ones. Also, have plumbers come and fix your pipes and faucets, put on fresh coat of paint and everything will be ready for potential buyers to come and take a look.