Decorating Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Bathroom area is very specific when it comes to decoration. A number of important features need to be taken into consideration in order to make it fully functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. This is somewhat easier when bathroom is spacious; however, small bathrooms require special attention from the very beginning in order for the design to be completely successful. If you own a small bathroom and are having trouble designing it in an utterly satisfactory way, here are a few decorating ideas that will help finish the process.

Declutter and organize

It goes without saying that any room in the house shows its biggest potential only when it is meticulously organized. Everything needs to be in place and every aspect of design well planned and executed. This is especially true if small spaces are in question. Also, maintenance needs to be constant and the place decluttered at all times. Simply, get rid of all the things you never or rarely use. They only get in the way and once removed your bathroom space will appear larger and more dynamic.


Natural light is the best friend of small bathrooms and making the best use of the natural light potential you have in your bathroom will make a remarkable difference. If your window is positioned in such a place that the outside views do not invade your privacy, remove any curtains or blinds. If the position is different, make sure you use light colored curtains, thick enough to block the views but not too thick to stop the light immensely. When it comes to artificial light, avoid yellowish types, they shrink the space, replace them with bright white ones and leave no corners shaded. If this seems too bright, track lighting would be more suitable and as effective.

Maximize the space

Naturally, the smallest the place is the more effort you will have to put into taking the most of it. What this means is that you have to plan every single aspect of bathroom organization very carefully in order to make the best use of the available space. Vertical storage is certainly one of the directions you should take. Floor to ceiling shelves are recommended but do not overdo it. If you fully cover all four walls with shelves the result will be completely opposite, the bathroom will appear smaller than it really is. Therefore, limit this kind of storage to one or two walls, it will more than do. If you still need extra storage space, use opened hanging shelves; closed ones create the opposite effect. Finally, make use of corner space as well, they are often neglected and overlooked and consider using a shower cabin instead of a bathtub, this will save space significantly.


All successful bathroom renovations start with color choice. Large spaces allow more freedom here, but small ones do not allow any mistakes. No matter what you do next, if you missed the color type everything else you do will be fruitless. So, what colors are suitable for small bathrooms? White would be perfect. On the other hand, if this seems to sterile for you, any soft palette bright color will be appropriate, such as yellow, purple, aquamarine. These colors open up spaces and are a required foundation on which you build on with other design solutions in order to make your bathroom appear larger.

Step by step approach, thorough planning and careful implementation are essential since every single element used in the bathroom contributes significantly to creating the feeling of spaciousness. Take your time, follow these suggestions and you will surely be pleased with the final outcome.