Common Problems in Apartment Blocks along with Solution

Due to a sudden rise in the property prices, people have become more interested in purchasing apartment blocks. Land price hike may be one of the primary reasons but there are several other benefits associated with it. The diverse neighborhood, incredible living space, an opportunity to get acquainted with new friends, and learn about new cultures are some of the benefits associated with purchasing an apartment block. However, you may come across various problems while residing in an apartment block. These problems should be efficiently handled at the earliest lest it gets worst later.

The administrative body of the building would take care of the complaints and comments regarding the building. The problem may be regarding cleanliness of the building, elevators, stairwell, anti-social behavior, etc. Nonetheless, some problems may vary from energy problems to odor problems. Energy problems often occur in small apartment buildings. Window condensation, uneven heating, moisture, or complaints about odor are common issues in these apartment blocks. In order to keep your rental incomes competitive, boost profits, and to reduce energy bills, you are required to fix these problems at the earliest.

Here are some of the common problems that requires to be solved on a permanent basis by ensuring a clever, energy associated approach.

•    Elevated Lighting Costs
To reduce the soaring lighting costs, you are required to identify areas in the unit that are lit 24 hours in the day. Areas such as stairs and hallways are well lit 24 hours in a day. The incandescent lamps used in these areas should be replaced with fluorescent lamps. The latter would consume less energy and would last much longer. It would help you reduce bulb replacement and labour costs. You may also make use of LED lights to reduce your energy bill comprehensively.

•    Getting Rid of Odors
Another common problem you may come across is the migration of cooking odors between apartments. This problem can be checked by air sealing and insulating the building. However, special attention should be given to the below mentioned problematic areas:

1.    Shared Walls – Open hollow space may lead to odors rise from below. Block the hollow open space where it meets the upper floor.
2.    Kitchen Soffits – Soffits are ceiling areas where cabinets are hung in the kitchen. Air can travel easily between apartments in case they have common kitchen soffits.
3.    Hallways – Shared hallways allows the odor to migrate between different units. Gaps between door and floor should be closed properly.

•    Uneven Heating Problems
Uneven heating causes individual units to remain too hot or too cold. One has to keep their windows open during summers. You are required to rebalance your heating system to control uneven heating problem.

1.    Thermostats – For centrally controlled air conditioning systems, corrupt thermostats can be a point of concern. Thermostats should be properly placed on a different spot from that of the thermostat sensor.
2.    Hot Water System – Check for steam being released to each unit. Adjust steam vents for on individual radiators and main distribution line for single pipe systems. Check for proper working of steam traps for double pipe systems.

•    Moisture Problems
There may be frost or condensation on windows and walls. You may even face fungal or mold growth on walls, ceilings, and windows. However, you should reduce moisture in the building by increasing ventilation and warming up problematic areas.

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