Best housing solutions that can save space and money

You might have shifted to your new abode which could be one of the biggest achievement in your life. GREAT!!! Every individual needs a change as we have to welcome it in all spheres. Be it the way you dress, be it the way you eat or be it the way you dress your home. Change is always refreshing and equally necessary. Here are some simple tips to maximize your space in a more efficient way.

Many of us assume that buying a furniture is one of the boring task, because one don’t know much about it. When somebody asks your opinion about furniture, the only thing that strikes our mind would be probably the price and the material used. Everybody has space constraint in their homes. Shortage of space is one of those key things one need to keep in mind when purchasing a furniture, since everyone is not as lucky as having big homes like celebrities. If your home is small, opt for customized furniture’s than investing in expensive units. These units are not only space saving but are also inexpensive.

  • Remodeling your home: You can remodel your home with minute changes and save ample spaces that can work wonders. In-case you are planning to give your home a new get-up, how about creating a storage space under the staircase or buying a foldable dining table. Staircases consume lot of spaces and has been a worrying factor for house owners due to space wastage. But this is not a big concern. One can utilize this area by  placing a shoe cabinet. If you are extra creative, then you can also place arts and crafts and display them. If you are book lover and have large collection of books, then try opting for movable book shelf. Sliding doors and windows are other options available that not only saves space but also give your home a classy look.
  • Clear the clutter: Your home may be filled with clutter that occupies more space. Unwanted things always occupy more space. Ask for yourself whether ‘Do You Really Need It’. Get smart and keep things that you require. Discard unwanted things that you no longer use. By doing so you will not only save enough space, but also make your home look clutter free.
  • Foldable dining tables and chairs: Foldable dining tables and chairs are one of the most efficient ways to save space in your dining areas. Use these dining tables and chairs when  having food. When not in use they can be folded and placed as a single unit.
  • Chairs and tables that fit into a shelf: Chairs and tables that fit into a shelf are real space savers. These units  not only look elegant and stylish, but also are durable. Since they are easily foldable, they fit into a shelf with much ease.
  •  Keep your window-to-wall ratio high: Ensure that you keep your window to wall ratio high. This optimizes your space to a large extent.
  • Under-stairs Storage: If your home has under-stairs, make the most of it for storing your daily necessities. This will not only enhance your space saving, but also help declutter your home.
  • Foldable mattress seat: One of the best ways to enhance your space is by placing foldable mattress seat. The same can be used at night for a good night’s sleep and also as a cozy seating unit.
  • Hide-able dog bowl drawer: If you have a pet like a dog at home, placing a hide-able bowl drawer will be a good option. The upper unit of the drawer can be used for storage purpose, while the bottom portion with a bowl can be utilized for feeding your pet. Since the bowl will be located inside the drawer, it won’t be visible from outside. Just open the drawer feed your pet and close it. Doesn’t that sound interesting?
  • Stair drawers: What can be a better way to store your things in a stair fitted with adjustable drawers. They not only look elegant, but also are a huge space saver.
  • Opt for fewer walls: As far as possible go for fewer walls and allow more multipurpose rooms. This saves space, and also make the rooms look bigger and brighter.
  • Add a loft anywhere: Sleeping and reading nooks maximize your space and offer ultimate privacy in shared areas. Snag space whether it’s your living room, bedroom or kitchen. There’s no end to those versatile vertical spaces.
  • Utilize the space under the stairs: One can optimally utilize the space under the stairs in a most creative manner. You can opt for open or closed enclosures to keep your daily belongings. This saves space and looks elegant.
  • Replace doors with sliding walls: Modern housing units are meant for style and substance. Homes with sliding walls are the latest trend catching up in recent times. What an innovative way to replace doors with sliding walls as they bring mobility and let your space breathe.
  • Fusion dining table and pool table: Your table can serve the purpose of both dining as well as an entertainer. One can use it as a dining table for having your favorite food, while on the other hand you can also enjoy a game of pool on the same table with your near and dear ones. This is not only a great space saver, but also serves as a great entertainment for sporting buffs.
  • Use glass panels: Use glass walls to separate spaces without visually dividing a room. This brings an aesthetic look and makes your room look bigger. Moreover it also leads in creating an extra spaces.
  • Stairs with drawers and shelves: Maximize your creative skills and design your stairs with drawers and shelves. This not only serves the purpose of storing your stuffs and belongings, but also is a great space saver.
  • Use window blinds as a rack: Use window blinds as a rack in your bedroom and kitchen areas to dry clothes or to keep your things. This is a huge space saver and economical too.
  • Create magic with white: Paint your room with white as the color allows everything appear bigger and brighter.