Bedroom Design Ideas for Single Men

People who live alone have a little bit different demands and priorities when it comes to home design in general. The sole fact that they live alone means that their personality and lifestyle might be pretty individual, which will also reflect in the way they furnish their living space. But just as they differ in many other things, single men and women also have different approaches to home design, as well. While most women take care of details and bits of this and bits of that, men will most often just be interested in functionality of the space and the belonging items. Here is how single guys could improve the way their bedroom looks and make it contribute to their transformation into not-single guys.

Minimalistic but practical

Men mostly do not like bothering with too many things. Most of my friends who live alone have empty shelves and very scarce furniture items. It is probably because men hate chores. So, by minimizing the number of items in their home and bedroom, they simply spare themselves cleaning, polishing and other duties.

When it comes to a minimalistic approach to a bedroom, a bed, a closet and a night table will suffice for many men. Men who live single most probably have enough money to afford such a living. To have enough money, they have to work a lot. It basically means that their apartment is only a place to sleep. So, they do not want to waste their time on too many items that require regular cleaning, wiping, dusting etc. When opting for a minimalistic approach, it is also a wise thing to add a comfortable chair to your bedroom. If you have a large window and a lot of light, it will be great for reading sessions on weekend mornings. Also, keep the curtains simple, as well. Too many layers and different types of curtains will just be too complicated for practical single guys.

Tech-rich bedroom 

Although experts recommend moving all the electronic equipment and appliance from the bedroom, single guys will do the way they like it. That is one of the reasons why they like being single in the first place. So, to equip a bedroom with technology devices, they should always take some time to analyze why would suit them. For instance, a too big TV-set will not be suitable for smaller bedrooms. The size of the space also matters when we talk about the power of speakers for your computer of a hi-fi system. No matter how much guys like technology, the computer should really be left in the living room. If they work on the computer at work, it would be great to avoid it at home to get some rest.

Also, it is also a smart idea to install a little bit more advanced lighting system. And if a single guy would like to change that state one day, a light dimmer might be a useful thing. From time to time, they will bring women to their place. In addition to that, a bachelor’s nightstand should be always prepared for a one-night stand, so it is wise to have a spare package of condoms in the bedside.

Living on your own does not mean that those people really want spend their whole lives living that way. However, for the time spent like that, the most important thing is making the place as functional as possible to enjoy the benefits of having a place only for them. One day, when a partner moves in, they will have to adjust to one another.

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