Bay Window Treatments That Work For Your Home

There are many ways to dress a bay window in order to give it some pizzazz and color but mostly it comes down to one decision: Do you want to treat each window as a separate unit or use a single window treatment to tie them together? Either way, you will likely want to use complementary colors, tones, and patterns so you don’t end up with a finished product that looks too mismatched.

Treatment Ideas for Separate Units

Picture Frame:
If you are choosing window treatments for a bay window that is the backdrop to an eating nook or dining table, choosing a single curtain treatment which hangs outside of the bay can create a nice framed effect around your eating space. Install a cushioned, built-in bench in the bay window area and pull up a small table. Add a couple of chairs and you will have a charming seating area that looks like it came straight out of an interior decorating magazine. Floor-to ceiling panel curtains can serve a dual-purpose: When open they create a lovely picture frame for the eating area, window seat, and the view beyond and when closed they turn the bench into a cozy, romantic nook and serve as a decorative backdrop for the dining table.

Conjoined curtains:
Another way to treat a bay window to create a sense of unison is by choosing individual treatments that conjoin such as identical Roman shades sized to fit each window and mounted outside the window’s molding. They should fit snugly together without interfering with the operation of each piece. This will create a unified effect that melds the windows visually. It can be done with virtually all styles of shades from woven rattan to cellular and the only criteria for this style is that the treatments are mounted outside the window frame and meet at the edges.

Treatment Ideas for a Single Unit 

Crowned by curtains:
With this treatment style, each window will have its own treatment mounted inside of the bay. The window treatments will work in harmony to create a unified look without being identical or melding together. A great way to do this while still keeping the windows grouped visually is to install a single, angled, custom-made curtain rod along the inside of the bay window. From this rod you can hang each individual window treatment. Each window will have its own privacy control and style and the treatments should either match or be complementary to each other.

For completely independent windows, there are many approaches that one can take so as to highlight the architecture of a beautiful bay window. The key is to mount the window treatments within the window molding. This is the opposite to the conjoined curtains style mentioned above and treatments are designed not to touch at the edges. A nice way to use this style in a kitchen or eating nook is to cover the bottom part of the window with plantation shutters installed inside the molding. A pleated valance across the top completes the look while staying within the boundaries of each window. Keep your treatments identical or complementary for best results.

You must think gather ideas about the style you plan to dress your bay window way way back the the windows installation procedure starts. This will help you to implement your ideas more smoothly and will help you to bring up the best results!

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