7 Things to Do Before You Move Into A New House

The most wonderful thing in the field of personal housing is buying you own place.  No matter if you take a loan to buy it or you are among those lucky ones to inherit something from previous generations, moving into your own home is a first-class feeling. It is probably the second best feeling in humans, just after that divine feeling of having a baby. However, many people get so overwhelmed by the excitement of the home moving process that they forget to do some important technical things to make their living easier and safer from the very beginning in their new home.

Item-by-item check

As you are packing things for moving, you have to take care that each and every single item is put on the list and checked when packed. One of the most important packing tips is that every box and bag should be numbered or marked with a label comprising the goods that have been placed into it.

Address and law authorities

Although it most probably is not on top of your to-do list while moving house, you have to go to the local police station as soon as possible to inform the authorities that you have moved so that they change the address in your ID card and in other documents.

Mail office notification

Those who have experienced living as tenants know how inconvenient receiving other people’s mail can be. If you do not go to the post office to tell them that you have moved and what your new address is, you might miss on something very important. In order to avoid such a nuisance, report your residence change to the postal service.

Housing, Part 1 – Bills

Now that you have made yourself eligible to law and visible for the postal service, you have to shift your focus to housing issues. When you enter your new home, checking the bills from the previous month(s) is a must-do. You definitely have to contact your electricity, water and gas providers if everything is clear and paid when it comes to the old bills. If not, you need to take a legal action against former tenants.

Housing, Part 3 – New locks

You cannot know who lived in your new house before you. In accordance with that lack of knowledge about the anamnesis of your new place, the first thing you should do s changing the locks. What is more, changing the front door is also a great idea. New, highly-secure doors and sophisticated locks are a great way of making your home safe from any intruders.

Housing, Part 3 – Plumbing

When the locks have been checked, you can concentrate on other infrastructural features. The first among them should be plumbing. To make sure that everything is thoroughly checked and tested, you should hire a plumbing professional, who will be able to make a Dr. House-like diagnosis to your plumbing system. The damage caused by old pipes and weak valves can be very costly.

Renew the top

Hand in hand with plumbing, with water as their joint factor, you should also examine the roof and the gutter. If you want to prevent the rain from entering your house and ruining items that you have just bought or brought from the old home, you definitely have to reroof your new home and make it dry and safe from damp.

Author: Kelly is a blogger based in Australia. She’s interested in architecture and home decoration. She is writing on behalf of Courier Parcel, company which offers simplest and cheapest way to compare shipping rates to your parcel.

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