Handle with Care: 6 Pro Packing Tips to Ensure Nothing Breaks during Your Move

No one wants to open that first box in their new home only to find a jumbled mess of broken glass or cracked electronics. Even careful packing can result in broken belongings at the end of a move—a lot goes on during moving day, and you can’t always ensure that other people will be as careful with your stuff as you are. Unfortunately, packing up your house isn’t as easy as just placing everything in boxes and loading them up. There will be a few items that need to be packed with a little extra care to make sure they make it to the new home still intact. Consider a few tips from the professionals when packing up your home in order to ensure that nothing breaks during the move:

Begin Grouping by Weight and Fragility

When it is time to first start going through the home, it is important to start separating items by their general weight, size, and fragility. This will streamline the entire process as boxes can be evenly packed and fragile items can be grouped, protected with bubble wrap, and then set to the side to be packed last. If everything is just thrown in a box, those who are helping you move will just lump everything together, instead of taking extra care with certain boxes.

Don’t Skimp On Storage Units or Moving Vans

Anyone that is moving needs to ensure that their belongings fit snugly, but not tightly. When purchasing boxes or renting a moving van or storage unit, an employee or owner can help you get a good idea on exactly how much space you will need as well as cut your costs by suggesting the correct amount of tape, boxes, and other supplies. If you skimp on room, you can’t ensure the safety of your items since they will be squished.

Skip the Bags

The only time that bags should be used for a move is when you are vacuum-sealing fabrics such as a bedspread or pillows. Using any kind of plastic bag will trap in moisture and dust, move around while in transit, and use up much-needed space. Whatever materials you use, just remember that bags are not optimal moving supplies—stick to boxes and containers when possible.

Repurpose Old Belongings

Almost anything around the home can be used to house and protect fragile items. Old socks and shoes can cover glassware and prevent breaks while unused wheelie bags or suitcases can be used to tote heavier items without the need for handcarts or more boxes. Using clothing or blankets as padding material is a good use of items that you already planned to take with you during the move.

Use Cardboard Corners

When purchasing moving boxes, tape, and other supplies, it is important to stock up on cardboard corners. These inexpensive items can be used to cover the sharp corners of appliances, mirrors, and furniture as well as prevent them from tearing holes in boxes when jostling about. This is extremely helpful if you plan to back everything into one truck. Using cardboard corners will keep anything from hitting together during the ride that could cause breakage or damage.

Consider Going to the Pros

Yes, many items can easily be packed into a box and loaded into the truck, but for more cumbersome, heavy, or awkward items, you might consider enlisting professional help. If you don’t have the equipment or strength necessary to safely move a large item, you could risk breaking the piece by trying to do it yourself. A professional will have all the supplies and equipment necessary to get the item packed properly and moved safely without scratching or breaking the piece. Professional movers generally offer inexpensive packages for larger items and may even supply insurance while your belongings are in transit.

Packing is a science, and even a slight miscalculation could result in hundreds or thousands of dollars in damage. These simple tips will help you protect your belongings and cut down on both packing and unpacking time. Don’t take the packing process lightly—it might just cost you your favorite belongings.


This article was written by Dixie Somers, a freelance writer who loves to write for women’s interests and the home niches. She lives in Arizona with her husband and three beautiful daughters. Dixie got advice for this article from the professionals of M. Dyer and Sons Inc., a moving company in Honolulu, HI.

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