6 Home Office Design Trends This 2015

With the rise and continuous progression of the digital age, many professionals shifted from the usual 9-to-5 corporate work to freelancing or home-based work instead.

Aside from the work-life balance perks such as having the control over your own time, no more experiencing the hustle and bustle of the daily commute, major savings on transportation, food and other expenses; working in the comfort of your own abode enables you to do more and live more.

If you’re a part of the freelance and home-based professionals community, chances are one of your major conundrums in a home-based setting is finding a perfect home office space to work at and how to decorate around it.

Lucky for you, we have compiled the best home office design and decor ideas this 2015. So, look closely and take notes to remember when you redesign your own home office leeway.

Minimalist: Although this year has been a fast-paced changing year of trends both in interior, architectural, decor and the likes by all means; we will always find our hearts rooting for a more minimalist and simple design.

Since there are enough distractions at home that can keep you out of focus, you’ll want to clear your home work desk, keep it simple and maintain its minimalism all the while being functional. If you’re not really inclined in too much decorating and more on the side of simplicity, go for a minimalistic concept.

The View: Do you sometimes catch yourself suddenly with a writer’s block or a sudden decrease of your productivity level — you’re just stuck with what you’re working on and couldn’t seem to progress?

Perhaps the solution is to stand up and take a break outside. Breathe a different air, surround yourself with a different atmosphere or perhaps, the answer is to just move your desk close to the window. Often times, getting a different view other than your wall is a great way to boost your productivity and creativity.

Compact: Don’t you just hate it when you don’t have a decent workspace so you tend to bring your laptop and notes in your kitchen, living room, bedroom, literally at any parts of the house?

Worst part is, you only have a tiny house so squeezing in a huge office table with shelves is a problem. This may not fulfill your workspace demands however it’s the best option you have to build your own workspace: a compact home office. Sure it may not be what you always wanted but you’ll learn to appreciate it eventually. You can transform and fit in your small desk in your old built-in cabinet, storage room, the end of the hallway or even in the most trickiest and dead spaces. The key here to at least satisfy your decor and design needs to be creative and maximize functionality.

The Traditional: Since trends change, pass, come and go; some would rather stick to the classics and keep it timely.

Yes, your Victorian or period-style inspired home will look even more better along with a traditional home office. Remember the vintage chair your grandma has? It would look equally great with the thrift store desk you have been eyeing on. You see, this design triggers and provides us nostalgic recollection. This traditional design could never go wrong so if you’re leaning towards a vintage feel for your home office, this one’s the best choice.

Inspiration Board or Wall:  When you have decided to work at home permanently, you’ll figure that there are a lot of downsides in terms of decorating the corporate traditional offices offer, one of which being small office cubicles with little to no space available for design and decor.

Yes, an inspiration and personal bulletin board can make a huge difference to workers’ enthusiasm and performance. Being able to see a picture of their loved ones, motivational poster, to-do tasks up in their walls can boost their performance. Wouldn’t you be demotivated if you only have eyes on your blank and dull walls as well as your computer screen?

Tiny yet efficient. If you’re space is slightly more vast than others whose final option to have their own workspace is through creating a compact desk, you’re lucky to have a decent tiny home office space.

For a more efficient workspace, add shelvings to accommodate your important documents and other essentials papers you need. Size doesn’t matter for this workspace if all the things essential to you are at reach and the designation of the work area is convenient.

To the work-at-home professionals, don’t you want to have a working space for yourself even when at home? Don’t worry, you can still bring your laptop and curl in your bed whenever you feel sluggish and needing a quick rest.

Got an eye for more home office design trends this 2015 that aren’t on this list? don’t forget to leave a comment and share it with us!

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Chie Suarez is a writer for Ideal Office Furniture, a company specializing in a wide selection of office furniture designs servicing large corporate businesses to small home offices throughout Sydney.