5 Tips to Help You Hire The Right Real Estate Agent

Whether you’re buying or selling a house, you would need someone who’s an expert in the field to help you to either get the keys to your dream home or sell your investment property.

Selling or buying a house can be extremely difficult, so having someone to help you all throughout the process makes it more easier and less stressful. However, this also varies on whether you picked a good agent or not. Not all real estate agents are experienced, knowledgeable and can work with you.

So may it be selling or buying, you should know who you will be dealing with and know whether or not s/he is trustworthy. Here are a few tips to help you pick your real estate agent:

Research. Though you can receive referrals from your friends, family members and other people, you should always do your own research regardless. Browse through the top real estate companies, surely they have their own company website promoting their best services and customer feedbacks. Scan through those and let your mind decide.

Interview several agents. Once you have a list of agents you feel passes the requirements, criteria and other qualities you look for a great agent, meet them face-to-face and test your connection with them. If you think one of them fits the bill, let them know that and establish a relationship with them since you both will have to work together for a duration of time until you find a sure seller or buyer and finished processing the legal documents.

Consult with recent clients. You can do this by having your agent list down the most recent properties they have sold in the past year, a list of 5 will do. Ask if you could request for the contact information and spill the beans on the agent upfront, don’t hide this strategy for it is your right to know whether or not your property is in good hands.

Experience. Of course, the most important thing one should acquire to be a great agent would be their foundation of experience. Ensure that the one you should choose has already gained relevant and notable experiences, has been in the industry for at least 5 years. The reason having someone to have at least 5 years of experience is because you don’t want them to test their skills and just build up their experience during their time with you, it could only result in a slippery slope. If they’re just gaining experience by learning from you, that could be a red light and you wouldn’t want that.

Know how long they have been in the business and choose the one that works with the similar market and price range as your property since ideally, they already have a grasp on that range.

Credentials and awards. Check out if the agent is licensed and/or has received any complaints or disciplinary actions, save yourself a headache. In addition, do also look if they are have taken up any seminars, further classes and other additional training for references.

It would also be a big help and a game changer if the realtor referred to you got an award previously, say, s/he was the most outstanding realtor in the state for the past year.

Looking for a credible realtor can be difficult but once you’ve found the one that fits the bill, surely everything will fall into place and seamlessly go in the right direction. You just have to know how to choose the right one and what qualities should they encompass. Do you have any bad real estate agent experience or any other relevant experience to share with us? Comment below!

About Chie Suarez
Fond of open-house models and wandering in the aisles of home department stores, Chie Suarez is also a writer for RealPro — a licensed Real Estate and Business Agency in Australia.