5 Home Design Solutions For a Newly Married Couple

Life is all about change, a static life with same events and same surrounding is compared with death. Because in static environment, without exposure to new world your personality remains same. However a dynamic life gives you loads of opportunities to chase your dreams and everyday you see a new yourself which is better version of yourself than the previous version of yours. For bringing this much change in your life you not only need outer environment exposure but also you need addition of some new people in your life who have beautiful aura and they emit all positive vibes to make your life more livable. With the addition of a person in your life, you way of living as well as point of views about life are modified. Moreover changes in your persona also take place. Yes marriage is such a treaty through which your upcoming life is connected with a person. After marriage a lot of things are changed in your life, it depends upon you and your better half that how you are going to cope with these changes. Many people are able to reveal the secret of happy marital life and they are those whose life after marriage becomes more pleasant and worth living.

When your life is giving you chance of such massive change so why not change the décor of your home. It is considered that with the change in life pattern, your home should be upgraded in order to meet needs of marital life. Moreover marital life becomes more charming when you have a lavish and comforting home. A beautiful and well decorated home makes your every day more enjoyable. And when you are newlywed couple, you feel more positive change in your life. According to me for a newlywed couple the home should be decorated in such a way that every moment becomes memorable.

I have lot of experiences about buying home decoration stuffs. I am very passionate to upgrade my home to meet modern commodities. I started my venture of traveling to grasp home architecture and decoration related things many years ago and it ended up in Glasgow, where a prestigious company Upvc has its head office. From then, now I prefer Upvc front and upvc back doors. And when it comes to the designing of balcony, there is no better option than using sliding patio doors and patio doors complement look of your lounge if you have a big lawn full of greenery and beautiful flowers to look at from your lounge.

Here I am going to give five home design solutions for newly married couples, so you have better idea that how to make your married life more enchanted, romantic and worth recalling.


1. Customize balcony as theater

Balcony is the most modern and soothing way to make your mornings as well as evenings amazingly splendid. Here is a tips for newlywed couples, just set a cozy sofa in your balcony, with a small decently architecture side table. Set a projector and have move nights more often than ever. To make it look more alluring decorate balcony back wall and your screen sides with LED lights. Believe me there nothing more romantic than having movie night in a balcony that looks like a place straight from heaven. Also it will be proved as beat place for evening teas, coffees and gossips.

2. Repurpose your dining space

Decorate your dining table with some accessories like fancy candles and you can also have elegant table cloths for dining table. Use pendent lights to hang them over dining table, most used color is yellow. With this kind of dining room you will not need to go out in fancy restaurants for having candle light dinners. A small elegant chandelier over dining room ceiling also looks amazingly unique. You can also setup for outdoor dining by arranging dining table along with lights and some candles in your lawn. Install indoor plants inside dining room to make it more complacent.

Use an exciting color scheme for bedroom

Use elegant color scheme for your bedrooms, such as golden bed sheets, along with golden and get black curtains. Royal maroon color is also best combination of golden color. Also adjust the lightning of your room according to color scheme. Now a day’s grey color is along with white also newest fashion trend. Use uncolored LED lights for your bedroom ceiling. To make your living room look more luxurious put a sofa with contrast color to the bed, supplemented with mini cushions. Customize bed sheets are available in market with pillow cover labeled as Ms. and Mrs. You can use these covers to make your bed look cuter. Install fairy lights towards head side of your bed.

Upgrade your kitchen

Brought more appliances and kitchenware. Black plash tiles will give perfect look, along with black painted cabins. For those who have big kitchen, install dining table in it. Bought fancy dishes as well as spice jars. And if both of you are fond of cooking together, it’s time for trying these stuffs and make good memories. Write cute quotes on sticky notes and use them on your refrigerator. You should consult together in order to upgrade your home according to choice of both partners.

Story wall

In your lounge or any other room there must be a one wall dedicated to the story of your life. You would have beautiful pictures together, frame them and hang on story wall. You can also set photographs according to the sequence of events in your relationship, from starting to marriage. There will be always room for adding new experiences. Black and white photos will give more attractive look. All images must not be of same size, rather they should vary in size and you can install your wedding picture as central and larger among others. Extend the photos to the roof, in order to trick other’s people mind to look it more spacious.

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