5 Easy Steps to Maximize Your Rural Property Sale

If you want to sell your rural land fast, it’s important to know in advance that you may be facing an uphill battle. Selling rural property offers a unique set of marketing challenges that set it apart from homes or other types of real estate. Rural properties often have a smaller pool of interested buyers, and a more limited local market, which usually translates to longer sales cycles and less leverage when it comes to negotiating sales prices.

However, having the right knowledge and a solid marketing strategy can help overcome some of the marketing challenges faced when selling rural properties.

Here’s a list of steps that can help you successfully market and sell your rural property:

Price it Right

Land buyers are always looking for a deal, offering competitive pricing on your property will go a long way in gaining the attention of your prospective buyer. Land often lacks some of the intangible qualities of homes, so it’s price often comes down to a price per acre calculation. Setting the right price on the property is one of the best ways to attract a lot of interested buyers. You can look at local listings, compare similar properties that are selling in your local area, and price your property competitively.

The lower the price you are willing to take for the land, the more likely you’re going to sell it fast. Bank financing is difficult to acquire on rural land properties meaning you will have to find all-cash buyers who will be much more motivated to hang on to as much as their cash as possible.

Create A Great Listing

Most properties are listed online now a day which means that your property can often get lost in the sea of property listings, especially on some of the biggest property listing sites. Getting your property to stand out among the crowd you’ll want to spend the right amount of time and effort upfront creating a listing that stands out.

Here are a few tips to get your listing to stand out:

  • Get high quality photos and video of your property.
  • Create an attention getting headline
  • Add drone overview footage if possible
  • Make sure your listing has a GPS location and plat map
  • Provide property data in the lists (Parcel number, zoning code, etc)

Provide Buyers with the Right Information

Perhaps you already know everything there is to know about the property you’re selling. If not, you’ll want to do your research before listing your property so you’ll be ready to provide all the information your buyer will need to be prepared to buy your land.

Making sure your potential buyers are well informed about your property is more likely to convert into a quick, profitable sale as they won’t have to look for all the information about the property by themselves, which will only slow down the process of the land sale.

You can check out information on zoning and property use with the county offices. Land buyers will want to know the property details, zoning information, and allowed land uses. Having this information on hand will let your buyer know whether your property is right for them.

Use Multiple Listing Sites to List Your Property

It’s essential to increase the exposure of your land sale as far as possible, and you’ll want to use multiple listing websites or places to get as much exposure as possible.

It’s your job to let as many people know that you’re selling your property as possible. When you increase the amount of exposure to your listing, you’ll increase your chances to find an interested buyer and get a quick, profitable land sale.

Thankfully, nowadays, you won’t lack the resources to post your listing online. Different listing sites will allow people to be aware of the property you’re selling and help you sell your land fast. Here are some of the listing websites that you may want to list your land sale.

You need to be proactive in selling your land and put in the work so that you’ll attract more interested buyers of the property. Always check your email, social media accounts, or phone for any messages from prospective buyers and leads.

You should see to it that you keep any contact information that interested buyers gave to you and follow up with them whenever possible. One of the key points in getting a fast and successful land sale is communication. So you should keep that in mind always.

Sell Directly to the Buyer

If you want to sell your land fast, you may want to deal directly with your buyer. If you have an interested party and feel comfortable handling the transaction, you may want to get the deals started right away.

Communicate directly to the interested buyer, craft an agreement together, look for a local title company that can work on the escrow, and you should ask the title company to set up a quick closing of the deal.

For you to make a fast and success land sale, a seller needs to put in some effort to close the deal as quickly as possible.

It’s the goal of most land sellers to get as many offers as possible. Selling your rural property fast requires getting as much exposure as possible and be ready to close on a deal when it presents itself. With the right knowledge and approach, a seller can get a quick, profitable land sale. The tips mentioned above will help land sellers out there to smooth out issues of a land sale and fast-track a deal.

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