4 Interior Design Tips for a Californian Bungalow

According to Richard Armstrong, the director of The Makeover Group in Melbourne, the best way to renovate a Californian bungalow is to stick with the time and era it represents. Evolving the style of the bungalow or making structural changes simply ruins the whole look of the bungalow.

Californian bungalows became popular in Australia during the early 20th century, particularly from the year 1913 and onwards. These bungalows were generally constructed with local red bricks in Melbourne, local liver-coloured bricks in Sydney, and limestone in the areas of South Australia. Californian bungalows are one of the seven most popular and admired architectural home styles in Australia.

To design the interiors of a Californian bungalow is one huge task to undertake, especially if you want to stay faithful to the era it represents. This article will share with you four quality interior design tips that would make the interiors of your Californian bungalow more attractive and beautiful than ever. For more designs and styles to decorate the interiors of your Californian bungalow, log on to advantagestyling.com.au/interior-design/inner-west/.

1- The Living Room

Most Californian bungalow owners say that their most beloved room in the entire house is the living room. They have designed their living spaces in a way that blends comfort with style aesthetically. By installing a shelf unit with a library ladder along with a custom sofa with contrasting upholstery and artwork with large frames, your living room can help you reminisce the sets of the classic Hollywood movies from the 1930s, only with a tender modern touch.

2- The Flooring

The flooring is the most important element when renovating or decorating a Californian bungalow. The best option for you to go with is hardwood flooring because it gives the interiors a warm and welcoming look and maintains the retro feel of the house as well. One of the most popular choices for the floor panelling in Californian bungalows is oak timber.

3- The Kitchen

The kitchen happens to be the heart of every home, and it’s the room where most activity is likely to take place. This is the room that needs to have all the modern appliances in a slightly vintage setting. That’s the best combination for a Californian bungalow kitchen. One of the striking Californian kitchen designs is to blend both marble and steel. You can install marble countertops and get steel high-chairs for the island. With anti-slam cabinetry, a ducted vacuum, and ample storage space, your kitchen can easily become the talk of the town.

4- The Indoor-Outdoor Concept

Californian bungalows that have an open passage to the outdoors via the kitchen look really attractive. This architectural design will allow your children to run out and play in the yard while you can supervise them from the kitchen bench. You can very well imagine what it must feel like to have an open pool area in front of your kitchen. It would look sensational!

We know that these four tips are not enough when it comes to designing the interiors of a Californian bungalow, but these tips are a great start to set the tone of the entire bungalow.

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